Clearly Marked
presented by S. Bear Bergman (Northampton, MA)

(world premiere)  A hilarious, high-impact, thought-provoking exploration of
labels in this culture and all of their wonderful and terrible effects. This
piece begins sifting through the complex intersections of Bergman's own
identity markers as a queer, transgendered, and Jewish person (among
other things) and finishes encouraging the audience to write their own
ingredient labels and wear them proudly.

Gay Couplings
presented by Cetacean Love Theatre Group (Columbus, Ohio)

A humorous look at gay coupling with serious repercussions for those
involved. Stories include couples looking to expand their social circle,
struggling to maintain their relationship and difficulty accepting the age of

Not the Boy Next Door
presented by CJ Productions (St. Louis, MO)

A follow up to last festivals The Boy Next Door. “The Darker Side”

Deviant Women
presented by (C.A.P.E.) Inc. (Provincetown, MA)

Come see strong, independent women choosing to live life on their own
terms.  They deviate from their times and live according to their own rules.  

Anna, Leona and the Lady Luck
presented by GBD Unlimited (Sarasota, FL)

Two unlikely runaways cross paths on a bus, not knowing that this chance
meeting will alter their lives forever.  Truths will be hidden, dreams revealed
and secrets uncovered in the alternative new play about love, forgiveness,
acceptance and a great big dress

Icons Volume 2
presented by Jade Esteban Estrada (Brooklyn, NY)

Solo performer, Jade Esteban Estrada portrays several icons of the gay
community in this follow up the 2002 festival favorite.

Building Houses On The Moon
presented by Houses On The Moon (New York, NY)

Inspired by internet posts from lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth, this touring
production is a remarkable mosaic of stories that evoke the isolation but
also the courage and hopefulness of youth on the frontier of inclusion.

presented by Buffalo United Artists (Buffalo, NY)

Confessions is a no-holds barred cathartic reflection on growing up gay in
America, covering a range of emotions and experiences.

Cucumber Dreams
presented by Michael Burke (Brooklyn, NY)

A new one man show that played to raves at the Fuse NYC Celebration of
Queer Culture.

presented by The Oops Guys (Orlando, Florida)

The hilariously campy, award-winning send-up of cabaret and
lounge acts that has played to SRO houses and rave reviews
throughout the USA, Canada and Europe! Starring Fiely A. Matias, the
Asian who sings the blues, as the self proclaimed gay diva of bad cabaret.

Empty Closets
presented by RaggedBlade (St. Louis, MO)

A spoof on the genre of coming out plays. Episodes include coming out
when no one cares, a straight girl coming out to her parents and learning
the culture of a lesbian coffee house.

Miss Gulch Returns
presented by Richmond Triangle Players (Richmond, Virginia)

Yes, this is Almira Gooch, the dog-snatching, bicycle-riding, spiteful
spinster Wicked Witch of the West of “Wizard of Oz” fame who has returned
to give us her side of the story.  Played to sold out audiences in Richmond.

presented by The Puppet-Queers (Columbus, Ohio)

THE PUPPET-QUEERS ARE BACK! And this time they’re taking on the
world of pop music! Yes, this year those naughty “fabricators” are at it
again. They’ve got another musical review ready, full of risqué lyrics and
queer “innuendo.” You might recognize the tunes, but you’ll never believe
the lyrics! Be sure to see one of the funniest shows around!

Pop Culture Princess
presented by Elizabeth Whitney (Milwaukee, WI)

Get ready for even more super high femme camp in this ever evolving solo
piece by Elizabeth Whitney.  Barbie reinvents herself as a performance
artist and postmodern critic, Wonder Woman resigns from the military and
finds that Paradise Island has changed--or maybe it's her--and Tinkerbell
talks about fairy dust, the real peter, and growing up.

The Book of Boyhood
presented by Joey Schultz (Columbus, Ohio)

A one man show that challenges the concept of acceptance and the places
we all must go in order to find it. The play focuses on “Boy”, from birth to
college years, as he slowly realizes he is not like the others.

Southern Gothic Novel
presented by Emerging Writers (New York, NY)

One actor portrays the citizens of Aberdeen, Mississippi. Heroine, Viola
Haygood, is stalking her mystery man in the midst of kidnappings,
courtrooms and town gossip. Everyone is suspect.

Quintessential Image
presented by Red Headed GRRLS (Baltimore, MD)

Written by Jane Chambers, Quintessential Image is a comedy dealing with
coming out, revisionist history and talk shows.

Christina: King of Sweden
Performed by Kevyn Radcliffe (Madison, WI)

Christina Augusta Wasa was the King of Sweden from 1644 until her
abdication in 1654. She was the only child of King Gustavus Adolphus and
Marie Eleanor of Brandenberg. Her father named her as his successor.
Although historians continue to debate why she abdicated her throne, this
monologue examines the most logical reason for her abdication.

Who’s That Lady?
presented by The TAPIT Sisters (Madison, WI)

Explore the way comedy and cultural icons reflect the tensions and
contradictions of our time. Two female performers in multiple roles
demons, pitch women and lesbians with bridal gown envy.

Labors of Love
presented by 2Co’s Cabaret (Columbus, Ohio)

An evening of one acts that include: Class Dismissed by Rich Orloff, People
Who Need People by Roy Berkowitz and Oh, Happy Day by Rich Orloff

presented by Karen Williams (Cleveland, Ohio)

A comedic spin on the poetic and transcendental life of a lesbian
luminary, and her incarnations as sex rebel, mother, lover, wife,
healer, warrior woman, and comic princess!

Anticipating Miles
presented by Lost in the Cove Productions (Minneapolis, MN)

The incredible true story of an actress turned unexpected mother, her gay
improv teacher turned birth coach and a baby named Miles born with duel
citizenship. Told in a breezy improv inspired style, take a journey of nine
months of crack addicted waitresses, gay self acceptance, labor classes,
bad poetry, women’s parts, bear and cubs and riotous laughter.

Living Inside Myself
presented by Jamie Black

This is the story of the life of actor/comedian Jamie Black.  It doesn’t sound
that interesting until you realize that Jamie was born a girl.  Jamie knew
almost immediately that although his body told the world that he was a girl,
it betrayed who he was in his soul.  This touching one-man show is
sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes musical and always
engaging as Jamie tells of his amazing journey to be true to himself.

Do Not Pass Go
presented by Bobaloo (Los Angeles, CA)

A one of a kind comedy about growing up gay in Wisconsin.

presented by Rogue Theatrics (Columbus, Ohio)

A presentation of two one acts. Lesbian’s Last Pizza (written by Jeff Goode)
tells the story of a young woman, dying of AIDS,  ordering takeout from a
homophobic pizzeria. Frozen Dog (written by Joe Pintauro) tells of two
Catholic priests dealing with their true feelings for one another after many
years of friendship.

Stillwater State: a Gay Oddessey Into A Bible College
presented by Paul Ricciardi (New York, NY)                                       

It’s the first week of classes. A tiny bull dyke, a girly boy, a lipstick lesbian
and the only African American faculty member on campus are going to
organize the college’s first ever gay student group...and people are starting
to freak out!

From Darkness to Light
presented by Journey Light (Fullerton, CA)                

Journey Light has been called the "Meshell Ndegeocello" of spoken word.
Her words, brutally raw and passionately honest. She shares with us
Journey the child, the woman, the life. Her cool and laid back demeanor is
that of a smooth jazz player, while her words are like smoldering volcanoes
erupting. Her poetry takes us on struggles of childhood, sexuality, and
personal relationships.

Shakespeare on Love
presented by Actors’ Theatre (Columbus, Ohio)

The roles have been switched. The genders have been changed. But the
love is a strong as ever. Experience some of the greatest love scenes ever
written by William Shakespeare
Comic performer Bobaloo, Los Angels, CA
2004 Festival Shows